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  • Investment Advisory & Planning Service
  • Merger and Acquisition Services
  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Financial Accounting Services

Financial Services

Financial Services are the backbone of an organization. A robust services system is vital for the business to achieve high productivity, better implementation of resources and eventually, high profitability. We provide wide-ranging services through well-defined departments

From setting up of the business to day-to-day financial activities and statutory compliances, we provide comprehensive solutions for your enterprise. We also advise on matters of taxation, investments, mergers & acquisitions and strategic consultations.

Investment Advisory & Planning Service

Sound Advice On Investment To Create Sustainable Wealth

The key to successful wealth creation is investments. Every business need to diversify their investments in order to generate wealth through a sustainable manner. There are innumerable investment options but all of them might not be suitable for every business.

Merger and Acquisition Services

Merge With Existing, And Acquire New Businesses With Confidence

Advise on the valuation of the Company Legal vetting of the agreement of the company and the implications. Status of Legal compliances of the company with respect to major law applicable Assessing the Accuracy of Financial Statement of the Company.

Strategic Consultancy

Your Strategic Partner For Increasing Your Business Efficiency

Every business needs a strategic partner who has aligned itself with the objectives and the vision of the company. This partner offers mentorship and advice on expert matters which results in tangible effects on the business, like increasing productivity or profitability.

Financial Accounting Services

Comprehensive Financial Services For Anxiety-free Business

We offer Financial Accounting Services for businesses who do not wish to invest resources in maintaining the wherewithal for a separate departmental entity. Our specialist accountants have years of experience in the corporate sector and are adept at providing routine business accounting services.

Advisory Services

Relevant And Market-specific Advice For Business Growth

Businesses are bound by various laws that govern them in India and other countries. When the business is cross-border, there can be a clash of various laws in different countries. To ensure a seamless functioning, we offer advisory services for taxation and other activities.

Tax Consultancy

Impeccable Advice On Tax Matters

Taxation can be a major hassle for any business and it requires the expertise of domain specialists to help you through the quagmire of taxation issues. We provide various taxation services like filing of Income tax returns for individuals, firms, corporate etc.

One -Stop Solutions

Mechatech is a one-stop solutions provider for all your corporate services. We are your mentor, guide, friend and strategic partner. Allow us to shoulder the ancillary responsibilities while you focus on doing what you do best.

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